Before Driver Arrives:

Please make sure that your yard is ready for setup. You should have a CLEAR and OPEN path for the
driver to get to the area where the equipment is to be setup. Dogs must be in a secured area, away
from the area the equipment is being setup. All dog feces needs to be picked up, so the area is
clean for the driver.

Delivery Policy:

An Adult 18 or over  must be home to sign for the equipment. The driver can deliver your equipment
between 7am and the beginning of the delivery window you have selected when you placed your
order. IF no one is home, the driver can not sit and wait. They will leave a card on the door and there
will be a fee of $25.00 minimum to redeliver your equipment, if the driver is available to do so.

Park Policy:

It is the customer's responsibility to get the PERMIT with the city or park. Reservations
must be placed in the Name of the same person who's name is on the permit, paper
work must match with the city or park.
Customer must provide us with your PERMIT number
that was issued from the city or park, or we will not be able to deliver your equipment. We will need
an hour window for setup and an hour window for pickup for our driver, so you don't have to sit and
wait at the park all day, and neither does our driver.
It is important that your cell phone is
turned on, and near you so you can answer it if the driver needs to reach you for any
reason. If you don't answer the cell phone and he can't find you, he will leave the park
and go to his next delivery. You will be charged
and additional delivery fee if he is able to come back later.


Confirmation calls are made between Monday and Wednesday prior to the event Date.
We will confirm the date, address, equipment, time, total, how payment will be made,
that there is no change in your event and that you have no other questions or
concerns. We give you until Thursday prior to your event to return our call(s) to confirm
your order, if at that time you still haven't called us back we will assume you want to
cancel and we will release the equipment so we can try to get it out for that date.

Cancellation Policy:

Any equipment booked that requires a deposit when the order is placed all deposits will be forfeited
by the customer for canceling, unless cancellation is due to the rain. If there was no deposit
required for your equipment and your charges were placed on a credit card, and you need to cancel
your event PRIOR to the event date, your charges will be refunded back to your card. If you cancel
your equipment after the driver has arrived, either before, during or after he sets it up, you will be
charged a $25.00 cancelation/delivery fee.

Credit Card Policy:

If the equipment your booking requires a deposit, that deposit MUST be left and paid in full when
you place the order. Charges that are put on a credit card are ran on the day the information is given
to the office staff, unless customer requests otherwise. All charges must be put threw prior to the
event date.

Rain Policy:

If its raining or rain is in the forecast and it looks like its going to rain on the day of the event, you
will be contacted that morning either by the warehouse supervisor or your driver to see if you are
still going threw with your party and still want your equipment to be delivered. You can cancel when
your contacted that day, with any and all payments refunded in full. If you keep your equipment and
the driver arrives to deliver and you change your mind and want to cancel there will be a $25.00
cancellation/delivery fee. If you've cancelled your equipment when your contacted that morning, you
are cancelled for the day, you can not call us back and change your mind, your driver will already be
out and in route with his other deliveries for the day. Even if the weather clears up, we will not be
able to deliver it later that day. If it starts to rain after equipment is delivered there is no refund or
credit for a later event. Leave equipment inflated so water can run out and wipe it out with a towel
if/when the weather clears up and the kids can get back in.

Water Policy:

Water is ONLY to be placed on Waterslides and Slip N Dips. If water is put on any other unit there
will be a minimum cleaning fee of $150.00.

In case of an emergency there will be a phone number on the top right hand corner or your contract
that you sign on the morning of your event. The warehouse supervisor will have that phone on him at
all times. You may contact him with any problems that occur during your event.
Preparation For a
Successful Event
with Jump O'Rama
These are Company Policies we enforce so that
you not only have fun, but your event is a
smooth and successful one.
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