Jump O'Rama Disclaimer
Your Delivery of your reserved item(s) with Jump O'Rama
may be
refused for any of the following reasons:
1. Not enough room in your yard

2. Dog stuff( doodoo) on the pathway and/or on the ground area where the unit is to be placed

3. STAIRS or STEPS that need to be taken in order to set up unit. This information needs to be told to the office ahead of time when
making your reservation.  There will be an additional charge up front for stairs or steps at the time of reservation.

4. Unsafe areas to set up:  such as too close to  block walls, planter boxes, swing sets, pools, over head wires

5. High winds we reserve the right to refuse set up in extremely high winds. This is to the discretion of the driver with safety in mind

6.A 4 ft access needed from gate entrance all along the pathway to where the unit will be set up.
 (When measuring access pathway you must take into consideration anything that sticks out into the pathway)

7. If the set up area has a too steep of an incline.

8. Electrical outlet too far away from set up location

9. Access to get to area too narrow

Driver and/or helpers will not and cannot  throw jumper/unit over any walls NO EXCEPTIONS! The units are at least 300lbs.

YOU MUST BE HOME when the equipment is delivered. You can arrange to have  someone 18 years or older to sign if you are    
unable to be home during your delivery time of 7 AM up to your schedule drop off.  If you do not answer your phone in the morning        
when he calls, or you do not answer your front door, the driver
WILL NOT SET UP YOUR EQUIPMENT. He will leave a business card    
and you will have to call him and schedule a re delivery (if possible).  
There will be a $25 mandatory re delivery fee payable CASH to the driver.

12. Driver will inspect your desired set up area before he unloads his truck.
If he finds the area not practical or unacceptable
he will try to find an alternate location in your yard. If there is absolutely no other area to set up equipment, your set up will be refused
and you will owe the driver a $25 fee for his delivery time.

13. Drivers are to be treated with respect. They are providing a service and strive to give  the customer the most courteous       
service as possible.

Jump O'Rama wants to ensure that your home party is a huge success.  Following these set up and safety requirements   
 will ensure that your party goes smoothly.  

Jump O'Rama Inflatables, Inc. has the right to refuse any business to any customer who mistreats the driver with foul        
 language, excessive rudeness, and/ or arrogance.

Jump O'Rama Inflatables, Inc. has the right to refuse to deliver and/ or set up any equipment when they feel it is an            
 unsafe environment.

Thank you for choosing Jump O'Rama Inflatables, Inc for your home party needs.

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